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Decorating Easter eggs is a tradition, but also a nice opportunity to be creative. Using plain color makes them look beautiful, but what about turning them into awesome with a very simple trick? Here’s an easy way to mix colors using oil, for a very uncommon bunch of Easter eggs on your Easter table.

What You Need

Prepare your regular tools and materials for decorating Easter Eggs, namely hard boiled eggs, hot water, a small container and food coloring or egg dye (that was my choice). Also, the main element here is the oil that helps you separate and mix colors on the eggs, at the same time.

Regular oil that you use for cooking works perfectly fine for this project. Sunflower oil is my favorite, but you can also use grapeseed oil or rice oil.

How You Do It

First, you boil the eggs and color them as usual, to cover them in a plain layer of color. Use a small bowl or other container to prepare the color for the second layer, with a bit of warm water and food coloring or egg dye.

The oil will prevent the second color from sticking all over the eggs, so the second layer of color depends on how much water you have in the bowl. The more water you have, the more colored the eggs will be.

Once you’ve prepared the color for dying, ad one or two spoons of oil. The more oil you add, the less color will stick to the eggs.

Mix the liquid gently, to divide the oil on the surface of the water, then roll one egg into the colored mixture. You’ll see how the oil embraces the egg here and there, while the color takes over the rest of it. What you get is a “Dalmatian effect”, whose contrast you can enhance by keeping the egg longer in the mixture.

Here’s a video on how I did it:

You have a better control on how the second color sticks on the eggs if you dive them into the mixture one by one. If the water is warm enough, the process will only take a couple of minutes for each egg.

The Awesome Result

It only takes a bit of imagination to create different color combinations. You can even mix more than two colors and create rainbow Easter eggs!

I hope this project will inspire you and decorate Easter eggs for a fun and lovely Easter Table!

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