Easy Easter Decor: DIY Cork Bunnies

Here’s an easy DIY Easter decor project: little cork bunnies made to decorate the spring plants around the house. There’s almost no cost involved, as might have already what it takes to craft this project. Invite your kids or grandchildren to join you while crafting this project! It will be fun and you’ll also have the opportunity to put your recycling skills at work.

Materials Needed

Here’s what you need for this project:

  • mushroom shaped corks, preferably those you get from champagne bottles,
  • skewer sticks,
  • white spray paint,
  • a black and red thin marker,
  • soft thick wire, for ears,
  • bobby pins, to fix the tails,
  • pom-pom tassels, for the ponytail.

A bit of glue or a hot glue gun would be useful to have on hand, but it’s not mandatory.

How to Craft the Bunnies

First, cut two pieces of wire about 1.5 – 2 in long, for the ears. Use a knife or the scissors to poke two small holes on the top of the cork. Bend the piece of wire and insert its ends into one of the holes you’ve made, to create a ear, then repeat the operation for the other ear. Fix each ear with a bit of glue to keep it fixed.

Add a skewer stick in the bottom of each decoration to provide support for placing it in the pot, along with your plants.

These items you’ve just built don’t look like rabbits yet, but the next step will bring an important change. Use the spray paint to make the bunnies white. Do it outdoors, since the spray paint is flammable.

One more step and it will be obvious were crafting bunnies over here. Use the glue gun or the needlepoint to fix the pom-poms on the lower back of the cork bunnies, as if they have tails. So now you see them, right??

Draw small black eyes, a little mouth and a moustache with the black pen and add a touch of red on the nose.

You can add a drop of white on the edge of the black eyes, to imagine a spark in the eyes. Furthermore, you can do anything you can think of with them – put a bow around their neck or attach a paper carrot or place them in pots – as I did – as spring decorations.

It will take 15-20 minutes to make these cork bunnies, depending on how long it takes for the paint to dry. They are simple to make and effective Easter decorations, considering that many things we already have around the house can and should be recycled. 

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