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Did You Hear The Calling?

Did You Hear The Calling?


I didn’t expect this. I haven’t planned it, as I usually do with most of my life. It just hit me, and finally getting that it has been there from the beginning of time was painful, overwhelming and still so enlightening… 

It was there. I just couldn’t get what it was. Now I know. And I’ve started to do something about it!

I’ve spent more than 20 years of my life writing to make a living. Being an awarded journalist made me believe that I found my mission in life. Training successful people made me feel the power that great people have, and I thought that leadership and mentorhsip are running through my veins.

I was powerful and feeling safe, with my writing, and leading, and deciding over stuff that I don’t even remember right now. 

Then it happened.

One day. One single day and a few hours spent with a bunch of people I have never seen before.

I’m not sure if it was spring or summer, but I remember the raindrops running down the shield of my car, as I was standing inside and watching without seeing my first watercolor painting – a pomegranate. It was red and round, and so real that I could even smell it and taste its sourness in my mouth.

And it was mine.


My very first watercolor creation changed my world as I knew it.

Standing there and looking at that delicious fruit that wasn’t even real, and living over and over again the creative emotions was one of the most intense moments of my life.

That very moment I realized that nothing I have ever done before, except from giving birth, made me feel the same.

20 years of writing and almost 10 years of teaching faded away that very moment.

Am I living a lie?

Is there other kind of happiness that you should feel when you’re working?

Have I spent half of my life doing the wrong thing?

What the hell am I supposed to do now?

It felt like being born again birth. Painful, overwhelming, and as stressful as encountering a new world can be. It was the first day of the new ME. 

I came back home with a heavy heart, hoping that it was just a temporary glimpse.

Was it?

In the next months, I’ve attended workshops and classes about printing, interior design and decorating. The opportunities just appeared out of nowhere. Then the 3-month interior redesign course in USA, that ended with a final exam that I’ve passed with 96%. I’m a certified interior redesigner now, you know?  

Next, it was the second book I’ve published on Amazon. You probably remember the first one – a bunch of DIY projects easy to make with what you have on hand at home. Most of them were shared with you here.

And now here comes the second one…

The second one is a coloring book that I’ve just released on Amazon a couple of days ago. At the moment of writing, it was on the first page (which means Top 20) in Top 100 Kindle in Illustration, and already has a 5-star review. Why would you need a Kindle for a coloring book, you might ask? There is a good reason for a Kindle beside being accepted into Amazon promotion programs. This book is really special, because you will find inside patterns you can use to create an infinite number of individual coloring masterpieces. 

Do you think I’m joking? Check the Amazon page of the book and get this wonderful Christmas present for that friend or relative that is in love with coloring! Or even for yourself!

But what I like the most about this second book is how this kind of patterns inflames one’s creativity. I know because this kind of drawings inflamed mine. That’s what my dedication at the beginning of the book is all about. 

And it’s my advice for anyone who suddenly gets the meaning of THAT calling.

Because now I know what it was. It was my calling. 

Did you hear yours? Or you don’t know what’s its meaning?

THIS BOOK can help you find out! 

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