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3 Creative Ways to Replace Broken Glass Pan Lid Holders

3 Creative Ways to Replace Broken Glass Pan Lid Holders


I don’t know about you, but for me there’s no reason to keep creativity out of the kitchen. And I’m sure I can cook better when having beautiful things around, especially when they are useful too.

I can find ways to empower every corner and bring good vibes in the kitchen. These beautiful furniture knobs that I made out of wine corks is only one tiny example.

But let’s get back to our today’s business, namely replacing the broken holders for the glass pan lids. Most of the holders are made of bachelite or hard plastic, which is not very resistant and might burn your fingers since they accumulate heat easily.  

When replacing them, you need to look for something resistant and which is doesn’t transmit heat. Also, it would be great to use it in the dishwasher, but not all the materials resist such a treatment on regular basis. Finally, it’s up to you what is more important: having a nice design of the item or washing it in the dishwasher.

The Wine Cork Holder

Those of you who read my old articles might remember how I used wine cork – again! – to replace a broken glass pan lid holder.


Since cork is such a versatile canvas, you can easily apply any other design and protect it with a top coat of varnish. You won’t wash it in the dishwasher but by hand: it’s a small effort that would compensate the beauty of these handmade holders.

Are you still wondering how this type of holder will work if washed by hand? Well, more than 8 months later, that lid is still looking and working fine!

And if you take a good look, you’ll see another uncommon holder, which was made of wood. Yet, it’s a regular furniture wooden knob. It’s been on duty for more than an year now and it’s serving well, considering its regular meetings with the dishwasher.

Starting from this, I thought I should look for more ways to replace the glass lid holders. So here’s the question that came to my mind: if one wooden furniture knobs works for a holder, why wouldn’t work some other types of furniture knobs?

The DIY Art Knobs

Let me tell you a few words about these beauties. I designed them for a friend who asked for my help in decorating her kitchen, and I loved them so much that I made a few identical extra knobs for myself. You can try make them by yourself, following the simple steps that I depicted in this article.

I just added an extra top of varnish and used one of them as a new holder for one of my glass pan lids. Dishwasher safe? No if painted, yes if crude.

What you see above is a DIY art holder, but you could also use bought wooden knobs to replace the lids’ holders. This orange beauty is painted by hand, and I’m not sure it would resist a dishwasher.

The Plastic Holder

I had to think twice before using this plastic knob because I wasn’t sure about the resistance of the material. Yes, it looks awesome – aren’t these little flowers cute? – and it seems to be as tough and solid as ceramic (and it even looks like one). I dropped it on the floor by mistake, and I was surprise to see that it didn’t break, but jumped like a plastic ball. I couldn’t tell what kind of plastic is this, but it seems to be a quality one. And I bet that this is dishwasher safe, which makes it a perfect choice for the job!

The only problem that I’ve encountered with this type of knob is that its screw was thinner so I had to find something to “dress” the screw and preventing it from moving inside the hole that the glass pan lid had. Good thing that I found this tiny rubber ring that fitted in perfectly!

So, which one is your favorite?

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Mary-The Boondocks Blog 14/06/2017 - 19:14

Gabi they are all so prettyand make the pot lids look high end. I think the second one is my favorite!

Gabi 14/06/2017 - 23:56

Mary, I am glad you like them 🙂 And I bet there are many other ideas to harness for this use…


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