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How To DIY Amazing Furniture Art Knobs

How To DIY Amazing Furniture Art Knobs


Details makes perfection. Whether we accept it or not, we love perfection and are always attracted to it. Let’s take a dose of perfection, and add some lovely details to your home with these easy to make art knobs.

Beside being original, this project requires only a small investment compared to how much you would spend for art knobs for your furniture. Why paying a few times more when you can have your highly customized buttons for only one dollar or less per piece?

I have a passion for knobs, as they are one of the most versatile ways to makeover your furniture. You probably know that if you read my article about the easiest way to refresh your kitchen for free using wine corks. But and my creative genius can’t stop here, so I turned a few wood knobs into a canvas of my next project, which was a small part of the bigger plan of decorating a friend’s kitchen.

Keep reading to see what I got in the end!

What You Need

First, buy some unfinished wood knobs like THESE, for example. Then you need some fine line markers in different color and sizes (mine are 0.1 to 0.3). The most important thing about these markers is their quality, so they wouldn’t bleed on wood or any other surface that you use for drawing. Prismacolor would be a good choice, in my opinion.

Also, you have to be sure they will work well on wood, so start by making a test. Draw a few lines or dots on wood, below the edge of the knob (in the area that is later to be covered by the furniture,) to see how how it looks. It will also help you choose the best size of the marker. Don’t use any other piece of wood, as they will have a different texture from the knob and the color will bleed differently!

Also, you will need varnish to cover the knobs and seal the drawing, so it would resist in time and not fade away.

As for the  required skills, if you like to draw and love color books, you might find this project  pretty easy to make.

Let’s Start Drawing!

Basically, you have to cover the surface of the knob with a drawing at your choice, which sounds very easy, right? Well, it is! For example, you can start by drawing a circle close to the margin then add small leaves to it. Then draw a small circle in the center and add petals randomly one by one, to turn it into a flower, like you see below.

And a tip: draw first, coloring comes second. Having a complete drawing before starting to add color will help you keep the balance between the colors you’re using and also between color and raw space.

Let’s see another one: mark the center of the knob and draw a small cross to help you create equal sections. Draw petals in each section and then continue the lines of the cross till you reach the margin, drawing bubbles or any other element at your choice.

Add details like leaves, hearts, circles or points to fill in the space on the knobs. Look for symmetry when drawing to give the knob a balanced look.

And here’s another tip for your drawing: starting with a cross and dividing the surface in sections  (4 or 8) will help you keep the symmetry. Start with a design in the first section, then  replicate the pattern in each of them.

You can even continue to draw below the main surface of the knob, to make it more appealing.

You can use one single color or go ahead with two or even three. In this case, make sure that they work together. Also, let the color dry out before adding the next one, to avoid bleeding.

The Final Touch for Resistance

Before using them, there is one more step to take, and it’s mandatory to make it if you want to enjoy your masterpiece forever. You really need to apply a coat of varnish, to protect the drawing and make the color resistant in time.

I’m usually using spray varnish for projects like this, but you can also apply it with a brush. If you are going to use spray – like I do – be careful about the pressure, because putting too much pressure when spraying will make the varnish bleed and distress your drawing. Spray it bit by bit, for a smooth cover.

Let it dry, then use it for a great facelift for your furniture!

Which one is your favorite? You can replicate its design on your DIY knobs, or you can create your very own.  The only rule in designing these art knobs with drawings is that there is no rule…

Whatever you choose to do next, remember that life is beautiful because we are making it so, and that you can find inspiration anywhere around. Anyone can be a DIY artist, and so can you!

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acraftymix 08/05/2017 - 18:38

Love, love these Gabi. I wish my artistic talents included the ability to doodle something so beautiful. You are a natural. It looks like you’ll have to update your brilliant book, which by the way I loved. I have to make a plan to share my review.

Gabi 08/05/2017 - 20:14

I think people tend to underestimate their talents and skills, especially when talking about naive art. You should try it and let your hand be guided by your heart, not your critique. Just let it go and feel free, and the hand will draw by itself.
I appreciate a lot your words, Michelle 🙂 I’m happy you liked my book, and that you are willing to review it. Thank you and a big hug from the European part of the world!

TwoPlusCute 09/05/2017 - 4:30

Gabi, these are very nice! Very artistic and besides being one of a kind, have this boho vibe that is so trendy now.
You gave me the idea to try this and I think I will go my modern minimal-ish way and try black and white swirls. Anything goes, right? 🙂

Gabi 09/05/2017 - 10:52

Anything that suits you goes right, of course! I can’t wait to see your black & white wonders 🙂

Mary-The Boondocks Blog 22/05/2017 - 17:20

Such a clever way to transform the most plain of things Gabi. I can just imagine them on a plain dresser. These pretty knobs would give it the fair it needs.

Gabi 22/05/2017 - 17:48

Now that you mentioned, I realize there’s no pic with them installed on a dresser, which is unacceptable.. Thank you for helping me get this! And thank you for the kind words you always have for my projects, Mary 🙂

Carol ("Mimi") 19/07/2017 - 16:03

These designs are so pretty! You’re very talented. I think that little details like drawer or cabinet pulls really help to make a lovely statement in any space. These knobs would dress up any piece of furniture in any room.
Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

Gabi 19/07/2017 - 16:09

Thank you, Mimi, for your kind words, and also for stopping by. I hope my projects will flame up inspiration in other people too 🙂


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