How to Turn a Small Bathroom into a Closet for $25

Spend only $30 for a curtain rod and a hanging organizer and turn your small bathroom into a closet!

Living in a small house requires a lot of creativity in space organization or building shelves and closets. What if the landlord doesn’t allow you to drill into the walls for shelves, and you have to stick to what you have? What if you are living on a budget?

You spend only $25 for a curtain rod and a hanging organizer and turn your small bathroom into a closet. Here’s how to do it!

First thing first! You always need a second toilet, but you hardly use the second shower, right? I thought so! For the same reason I decided to give up the mess and turn the space into something more useful than a backup shower. I wish I had enough space for a proper laundry room, but since there’s no way to build it, I’ll be fine with my impromptu closet.

So I found a way to store all those hangers that I use for drying delicate clothes, the ironing table, the laundry baskets, and other stuff that I use for cleaning the house.

I decided to keep the small shower tub (2.7-ft x 2.7-ft) and the faucet, but cover the latter one with a cap. I bought a tension shower curtain rod and a fabric hanging organizer. I also found a white melamine board that I turned into a shelf above the bathroom door.

I’ve placed the tensions rod above the ceramic tiles so both ends of the rod would be fixed and not slide down on the wall. The left side of the rod was meant for the hangers, while hanging the fabric organizer on the right.

DSCN9039I cannot use the hanging organizer for storing heavy items, since it’s fixed with Velcro strips, but it’s good enough for the stuff I need to store in there. The big white plastic box on the right is perfect for storing toys and food for my bunny. the laundry baskets are still in the shower tube since they fit one into another, and there’s also enough room for the clothes dryer rack, next to the ironing table on the left.

Did I mention the melamine panel that I found hidden in a corner of my house? I used it for building a shelf above the door, where there was an empty space with no use at all.

Somehow, the shelf was fit for the space, and I only had to buy a few brackets to fix it better on the wall, above the door. The melamine panel is 4.1-ft long and 1.1-ft wide, and the brackets are placed 3-in from each corner of the shelf.

Finally, the shelf comes above the door, on the same line as the tension rod, namely on the upper side of the last row of ceramic tiles. It’s perfect for storing bath mats, a big box with my summer hats and some toilet paper rolls. I need the ladder to get to them but I don’t use them daily anyway.

Voila! That’s my newly organized closet, or maybe you’d like to call it a bathroom in disguise. Either way, it’s a big deal since I’ve spent only $25 for this makeover. Am I right?

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