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Grateful Thoughts for a Happy Thanksgiving

Grateful Thoughts for a Happy Thanksgiving


Ten years ago, I met a girl that was pregnant with triplets. She was 20 years or so, and was going to finish her college in a year. Her father died, her mother was early retired because of illness, and her sister needed personal care.

Her boyfriend was so impressed about the pregnancy that he had to leave the country and work abroad to get more money for his growing family. Still, the girl was happy and grateful. Actually, she was the happiest pregnant woman I have ever met.

She was hospitalized for months before giving birth. She entered the hospital in early July, and gave birth in late October. For four months, she laid on a hospital bed gathering the strengths to deliver three wonderful and healthy baby girls that weighted less than two pounds each. And still she was happy and grateful.


Raising three girls at once isn’t an easy job. Still, that girl did it, and did it well. These girls are ten years old now, and she is the proudest mom in the world. She is also happy and grateful for everything this life has ever offered her.

I think about her many times. When my only kid gives me hard times (tell me it doesn’t happen to you too!), I wonder how this tiny little girl faced an effort three times bigger than mine, giving birth and raising three children at the same time.

So I remember I should be grateful and happy whatever life is offering me.


I know people who think that they still to accomplish a lot to be happy. Some of them have a big house and a nice car, big TVs and a spend their holidays in beautiful locations. Still, they are waiting for who knows what to consider themselves happy.

There’s a long way to gratitude that each one of us should walk from time to time.


We shouldn’t wait for the Thanksgiving to give thanks and be grateful for the happiness in our lives. But most times we do. This is my belief about gratitude and happiness. What’s yours?

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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