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by Gabi

eu-cu-ieHello everyone!

I’m Gabi and this is my story about dreaming, daring and creating projects for a happier life!

I was dreaming about being a designer, but life turned me to writing instead. I made a living out of it, being a journalist for 20 years, and I never stopped creating. Now I am dreaming my dream again. I started to draw and craft, play with colors, design and upcycle. There is a lot to catch up. I’m a blogger (I also own the single Romanian blog about canning – Bucatareli la borcan), a content producer and marketer, and also a published writer (you can find my first DIY book HERE).

I’m a traveler and tester of everything my life is offering to me. A few thousand people read my Tripadvisor reviews .on regular basis. I’m a DIY maniac posting regularly on Hometalk, a sewer and tailor, editor in chief of my own life story and the master of my adventurous dreams. I’m a wife and a mother of a blonde boy, whose drawings remind me to keep the inner child alive. I am grateful to my husband and kid for inspiring me and supporting my projects.

muscata-rozI love Cleveland Hights and Central Park, the hills of Wisconsin, Golden Beach in Greek island of Thassos, and the narrow streets of Verona or Amsterdam. What would be life without dreaming?

I wake up happily  every morning in my home in Bucharest, drink my coffee in my backyard full of colored pelargonium. I’m grateful for all the things I’ve accomplished so far and hope to give the world back at much as I can. What would be love without sharing?

Why I turned from OBRAZNICATURI.com to GABIRALEA.com?

I’ve spent half of my life writing and teaching to make a living. I was powerful and feeling safe, with my writing, and leading, and deciding over stuff that I don’t even remember right now. Then it happened: that moment when you finally get that you life could have been completely different if you would have hear the calling. I heard mine in my 40s, and my life suddenly changed. So I choose to be the DIY artist and blogger that you find on gabiralea.com, instead of being a marketer with a DIY blog for a hobby.

I have learned from my mother and my grandmother the art of sewing and knitting, besides cooking and canning. My father used to carve wood in such an intricate way that everybody said he had golden hands. I hope their skills will last somehow through this website. Grandma, dad, you would be so proud of me!

I wish people would find happiness in simple things like crafting rather than technology and expensive items. Gardening is better than going to a psychologist, and it’s free. I want people to understand that handmade means more than making earrings and necklaces, and there’s no shame in upcycling and recycling nor hunting treasures at the flea market. I hope my projects will help them unleash their inner artist, so they would come up with original ideas and create their own projects.


Do you feel what I feel? If you are one of these DIY dreamers, here’s a special page I prepared for you to ease discovering my projects. CLICK HERE to see them.

I hope you will enjoy your stumbling! Live happily, dare to dream, and be blessed!

P.S. If you wonder where the name of this blog comes from, here is the answer: “Obraznicaturi” means “Audacities” in my native language, Romanian. This is the spirit of my projects and my belief: dare to live your life the way your heart guides you whatever the trends are in!

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