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My Boo-Hoo-Hoo Stones and the Halloween Candle Holder

My Boo-Hoo-Hoo Stones and the Halloween Candle Holder


If you are in the mood for creating an easy Halloween decoration on a budget, here’s one great idea that might be useful for you! It started from my passion for painting on different types of rocks, so I turned these small items into a funny creepy decoration for the season.

I added one tea candle, and I had the funniest Halloween candle holder for free.

What You Need

I started this project with the idea of painting funny faces on a few rocks that I’ve picked from the alley in front of my house. Their round and smooth surface inspired me in drawing big eyes on them and maybe a laughing mouth. The arrangement needed a colored spot, so I decided to make a small pumpkin with a spider net on it.

I grabbed the rocks and washed them (they have to be clean to get the best paint cover), then started to look for the rest of materials needed for this project:

  • Black marker (look for those used for writing on DVDs)
  • Acrylic paint – grey, white and black for the rocks, orange for the so-called pumpkin
  • A thin brush.



For building the candle holder, you need

  • a tea candle
  • a plate stone as a base
  • a hot glue pistol

How to Do It

First, you need to paint the rocks, when they are completely dried. I painted the first rock in orange for a pumpkin.


The rest of them have been painted in black and different shades of gray. I did not count the shades, but they were not 50, for sure! :)) halloween-rocks-4 halloween-rocks-5

Let the rocks dry completely before going on with your art project. When the paint is not sticking on your fingers any longer, you can paint white eyes with black eyeballs on the gray and black rocks, and a spider and its net on the orange pumpkin.

And here’s a tip for making those tiny faces seem real: draw a small white spot on the top of their black eyeballs. That spark in their eyes will make people thing that the creepy rocks they see are really frightened!

But let’s see how to turn these pieces into a candle holder. Use another stone as base for the holder, and place the candle and the rocks on top of it, to see how they fit.

Once you got the perfect position for them, take one rock at a time and use the hot glue pistol to fix it back on the base of the holder. Repeat the operation for each rock, including the pumpkin. Skip the candle when gluing, since you might need to replace it when it’s burned out. halloween-rocks-7

Here’s what I got: a bunch of small funny faces that were supposed to be creepy. But they don’t seem creepier to than a group of schoolchildren preparing their Halloween costumes…halloween-rocks-8

What about now??…halloween-rocks-9 halloween-rocks-10

Stay tuned for more craft projects and DIY ideas!

Here’s another project about painting rocks, in case you want to try this form of art. And you can share the project with your kid, doing this funny Tic Tac Toe set in less than a minute!

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Mary-The Boondocks Blog 18/10/2017 - 23:42

Very cute project Gabi, those rock ghosts look so scared!!

Gabi 19/10/2017 - 9:21

I hope they won’t scare you too, Mary :))


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